What is Producer Responsibility?

Electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Environmental issues and many trades associated with e-waste at local, trans-boundary and international level has driven many countries to introduce interventions.

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy (NEP) and to address sustainable development concerns, there is a requirement to facilitate the recovery and/or reuse of useful materials from waste generated from a process, and/or from the use of any material, thereby reducing the wastes destined for final disposal and to ensure environmentally sound management of all materials requiring disposal.

The NEP also encourages legal recognition and the strengthening of informal sector systems for collection and recycling of various materials (please see ‘Why WeeePRO’?). In particular, considering the highly recyclable potential of e-waste, such wastes should be recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

It is mandatory for all producers (including importers, e-retailers/on-line sellers/e-bay etc.) in India to seek EPR authorisation from the CPCB. Producers are required to have arrangements with authorised dismantlers/recyclers individually, collectively or by working with a Producer Responsibility Organisation. WeeePRO provide membership service level agreements for all types of Producers who choose to use a PRO to help meet their responsibilities and obligations.

WeeePRO is an incorporated PRO (Producer Responsibility Organisation) that offers unique EEE (Electrical Electronic Equipment) & WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) Compliance solutions post the introduction of regulated responsibilities for Global and India based producers.

The unique individual skills, knowledge and experience of the management team at WeeePRO make it the perfect choice for large, medium or small producers in meeting all or part of their responsibilities under the E Waste Regulations 2016.

WeeePRO adheres to three strict principles of WEEE Compliance, each introduced and proven in its related European compliance schemes since 2007.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Credible alternatives for the informal sector WEEE workers
  • Environmental Sustainability: Peace of Mind through independent Quality Assurance
  • Cost Effectiveness: Bridging the financial gap between the informal and formal sectors

We believe passionately that it is the informal sector that presents the answer to the growth required in the formal sector to meet the Government targets imposed on the Producers.

The opportunity for a positive impact on the health of hundreds of thousands of Indians estimated to be working in the informal recycling sector is good reason alone to consider our invitation to join WeeePRO as well as benefitting from our innovative and cost effective PRO services.

Our approach works by engaging the informal sector to work with and join with the formal sector. This has been achieved through ‘WeeePRO Local’ our licensed recycling, dismantling and collection centres across 50 cities where WEEE is being collected to produce evidence to meet WeeePRO members’ financial obligations, and in doing to, negate the potential penalties for none compliance. A key feature of the WeeePRO national network is the placement of c.1000 WeeePRO branded Eco Bins in Educational and Spiritual centres bringing new feedstock into the formal system.

WeeePRO Local continue to recruit and qualify additional collection centres; bringing increased e-waste to the national collection network commensurate with the WeeePRO scheme obligations. The key features below are why the recycling, dismantling and collection centres’ will sign up to WeeePRO Local?

  1. Retaining the above entities with the contribution from the WSC (Weee Settlement Centre).
  2. No need to dismantle or use dangerous, unhealthy processes for collection centres.
  3. WeeePRO branding, uniform, and professional status for collectors uplifts the perception of the informal sector.
  4. Education and qualification for informal collection operators to enable them to progress within the formal sector to more intermediary employment such as Dismantlers and/or Recyclers.


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