Who is WeeePRO?

We are WEEE India Pvt Ltd, a business formed in 2013 between an exemplar in PRO in Europe and an exemplar in the recycling industry in India to deliver PRO services in accordance with the E-waste (Management) Rules 2016.

What do we do?

A fully digitised PRO with:

  1. Secure Online (Free No Obligation) Pre Registration Tools
  2. Secure Online Registration for Producers
  3. Secure Online Auto Populated EPR Planning
  4. Secure Online E Waste Manifest with QA Evidence for all stakeholders without exclusion
  5. Secure Online Auto populated Annual Reporting

EPR Plan - Service Level Agreement

  1. A Collection Network across India as prescribed by the Rules
  2. A National Awareness Program across India as prescribed by the Rules
  3. A National Call Centre as prescribed by the Rules

Assisting Producers meet their collection target with contingency

  1. Best advice, through tried, tested and successful models, enabling the collection of evidence internally by the producers own IPR as a 1st call
  2. Option to pre-assign an amount of your collection target to WeeePRO's EPR evidence exchange/underwriting service
  3. Top Up your own efforts to collect evidence of recycling via WeeePRO's evidence exchange/underwriting service

Optional CSR Bundle which concentrates on developing the need to bring feedstock from informal to formal sector which is producer branded and all collection evidence arising being assigned to the producers own target

What are the costs?

We have three fixed charge points which are the same for all members:

  1. Annual Membership – 50K INR
  2. Annual EPR Plan - Service Level Agreement – 200K INR
  3. Underwritten Evidence fixed charge Per Kilo IT(A) @ 11.10 INR per KG, IT(B) @ 16.85 INR per KG, CE @ 18.87 INR per KG, Lamp @ 74.80 INR per KG (Fixed no hidden charges)

Why do I have to pay quarterly in advance for underwriting to the Trust?

WeeePRO cannot cash flow your regulatory financial obligations. We recommend all producers begin to collect an amount of money equivalent to at least the underwritten x 30% immediately. So a fridge weighing 40 KG would need to collect 226.44 INR from the purchaser to ensure accrual ((40*18.87)x30%)). However, this calculation assumes a ratio of 1:1 to that placed 10 years previous and that placed today this calculation therefore would need to be adjusted to your ratio to get the actual cost to collect accrual. This early collection will allow your finance department to accrue the finance required from the consumer to meet your financial responsibilities without an advanced bottom line hit.

What does underwriting services mean?

We believe, from experience, it will be challenging in the early years for all producers to meet their total recycling obligations. However, the regulations compel a Producer to make all attempts to meet their estimated targets with consequences for non compliance. Underwriting is a mechanism whereby the producer places in trust its financial obligations for collection over and above that it is actual able to secure internally as a 1st Call. The trust will not release money from the trust to WeeePRO unless for the purposes of EPR collection targets

Why do underwriting?

A producer is compelled under the regulations to have a sound EPR Plan to meet its estimated collection target with regulatory consequences if it fails to do so; such as removal of EPR Authorisation. Underwriting is a mechanism whereby the producer is always seen to be meeting their financial obligations. The key features are:

  1. If all efforts of you, your PRO(s) and others fail to meet the estimated targets you can show you have assigned the finance to do so
  2. WeeePRO, on behalf of its fellow members, would seek the Government takes those who haven't made best efforts to task and to review the target for that year and/or agree a way in which the funds could be used to increase the feedstock and mitigate from non compliance

What will happen to excess money in Trust at the end of the compliance period?

The independent trust has clear and explicit instructions:

  1. If the Government reduce the targets in mid term the trust would reimburse any money over and above their target assigned to evidence and held in trust to the producers
  2. Seek Government acceptance of a proposal for part of the money be carried over to next year and part to be used on training the informal sector to become formal sector

What is "Top Up"?

"Top Up" is mechanism for topping up the evidence you have collected internally as a 1st call in meeting your target via WeeePRO's online services (WeeePRO's evidence exchange/underwriting service)

I really like the idea of being in a PRO but I am unsure whether to underwrite or not?

Join WeeePRO as a fellow member and assign only a nominal proportion of your obligation to underwritten then "Top Up" this part of your contract when it is better understood as a true mechanism. This would be prior to 1st May 2017.

How will you collect my Products?

The regulations have a collection target not for your products but to collect an amount by weight of a type of product so if ABC LTD has a target to collect 1 fridge then that target can be met by collecting a fridge manufactured by DEF Ltd

How do I qualify a collection?

The qualification of a collection begins with the generator (Final Holder) who, on your behalf or on behalf of the scheme uses the online E-waste manifest/evidence form as the sender accurately recording the weight by E-waste Code using the simple step by step online E-waste Manifest system with the addition of a QA evidence note which will be attached to your Form-3 account.

Why should I do anything when my competitors will do nothing?

Part of WeeePRO's job will be to analysis the marketplace and seek in the first place to ensure members competitors are operating under the regulations and offer them to join WeeePRO paying any back payment due in that compliance period. Alternatively if we do come across a freeloader who has no intentions of join a PRO or submitting an application to CPCB we would have no options other than to report that organisation to the appropriate authorities.

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